Dragon Masterclass By Bill Canales

Bill Canales
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This course delves into the intricate process of creating a Japanese dragon, also known as ryu or tatsu, a concept that has been meticulously developed over 32 years. Through a unique system, you will deepen your understanding of Japanese dragon lore. Japanese dragons have a rich history, with various parts that symbolize different creatures, such as the head of a camel, scales and whiskers of a carp, belly of a snake, paws of a tiger, talons of an eagle, ears of an ox, horns of a deer, and eyes of a rabbit. These elements come together to form the majestic image of a dragon, representing wealth and prosperity. In this course, you will explore each component of the dragon, from its head to its tail, with a focus on understanding the intricate details and symbolism behind each part. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the dragon's anatomy, allowing you to pause, review, and enhance your skills at your own pace. 1. Head: Dive into the complexity of the dragon's head, starting from its basic structure and progressing towards a detailed understanding of its shape and form. Learn to visualize the head from various angles, capturing the dynamic essence of a dragon's appearance. 2. Belly: Master the art of creating belly scales that flow seamlessly with the dragon's body, adding depth and dimension to your design. Discover the techniques to achieve a harmonious balance of twists and turns that enhance the overall look of the dragon. 3. Accessories: Explore additional elements of the dragon, such as flames and crystal balls, that add a touch of mystique and symbolism to your creation. Learn how to incorporate these elements to infuse movement and energy into your design. 4. Tail: Discover the significance of the dragon's tail as a design element that adds flair and character to the overall composition. Explore creative ways to enhance the tail and give your dragon a unique and captivating finish. 5. Arms/Legs: Understand the placement of the dragon's arms and legs to achieve a balanced and visually appealing composition. Learn how to position these elements to complement the dragon's body and create a cohesive design. 6. Scales: Delve into the intricate world of dragon scales, from traditional patterns to unique styles that add texture and depth to your dragon. Master the art of scaling and learn how to seamlessly integrate scales throughout the dragon's body. 7. Freehand: Gain insights into the creative process of composing a dragon design, focusing on flow, composition, and placement of key elements. Learn the theory behind creating a complete sleeve design that showcases the beauty and power of a Japanese dragon.