How to draw a story

Tattoo Experience
Lady Sara
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PART 1 THEORY who is lady sara what is avant garde tattoos with a soul what was tattooing in ancient times what is tattooing today changing a life by changing a body the psychology of the self image a tattoo is a great gift: are you up to it? starting with meaning techniques for understanding the story: the metaphor of chapters techniques for understanding the feelings to represent: the 3 S's the emotional time line the focusing the psychology of the self-image the emotional stereotypes the associative symbology and the evocative symbology Practical example: drawing by stereotypes balanced composition: what elements to include? the elements in the narrative beyond the subjects there is much more: color palette graphic techniques composition structure Practical example: a simple story Practical example: photography Practical example: an inscription moodboard creation PART 2 PRACTICE practical example from the beginning to the end of a tattoo: interview with the client creation of the design the moodboard the design the tattoo PART 3 EXTERNAL RESOURCES my favorite books for tattoo artists and tattooists all the seminar slides the symbolism of the body the symbology of colors pdf with practical examples of true stories and tattoos